Christmas Newsletter 2020

Happy Holidays to all of our friends, donors and volunteers. As hard as it was, 2020 has been one of the most gratifying years at St. Williams on Long Point. So many folks came out to support us through donations, work at the property and a general “we’re behind you” attitude.

In May, we hired a wonderful couple to live at and run St. Williams for the summer; Patty Freeman and Bob Thayer. They had a daunting job and dug in and worked around the clock to make the place livable and the campus ready for tenants. We had a full rental season, so they made the transition from tenant to tenant work smoothly and efficiently. The tenants and guests all appreciated their warmth and inviting nature and we will have many repeat customers because of them. The Board of Directors can’t thank them enough for their dedication.

Monetarily, the response from last fall’s newsletter was outstanding and our donors were extremely generous. We were out of money and in need of funds to open; to pay for insurance, put in a new septic system and water system among other capital improvements to the property. Tioga Construction; Jim, John and Tim Dillon donated their time and materials to put in the septic system and Jim Dillon was instrumental in getting the new water system required by the Dept of Health in place. Pohl Construction made overwhelming donations for barging and materials as well. We are in total gratitude for their efforts and gifts.

There are five others who deserve more credit than could ever be imagined. Sue Norris stepped in immediately to help put STWLP back on track. Sue took the position of Co-Ordinator and Kevin took time out of his busy schedule to work on the water system, the docks and many other emergencies that popped up. Elizabeth Blakely (ne: Linke) took it upon herself to be our technology expert and designed a fresh new website and other accounts that we couldn’t have done without her. Jim and Donna Kistler took over the completion of the downstairs bathroom.

We have a new board member, Tom Polivka. Tom lives at Poplar Point and has donated hours of his time volunteering this summer. The Board of Directors has been tenacious, we have worked our way to a more profitable and stable future. Our summer series on the lake was tremendously popular and we hope to be able to renew our other fundraisers as well as bring in some new ones in 2021. They will be in the Spring newsletter.

The future looks good for St. Williams on Long Point. We have rebuilt our endowment fund thanks to an extremely generous gift from John and Deanna Sammons. We are working to make ourselves self-sustainable. We can’t thank everyone in person but know that your gifts and enthusiasm are very much appreciated.

Thank you and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2021.

  • Dawn Timm, President
  • Jim Dillon, Vice President
  • Tom Polivka, Secretary
  • Peggy Deyle, Treasurer
  • Doug Masters
  • Sharon Faulkner
  • Jean Bird