Calling All Volunteers!

Hi friends!

It’s spring again and we’re in the process of opening up St. William’s on Long Point. We’re hoping you can help!

We would like to have 2 volunteer days:

  • Saturday, May 21st
  • Saturday, June 4th

Come to one or both! We would like folks to meet at 9:00 and work until 2:00. Please bring your own lunch and we will take a break around noon. If you need a ride, please let me know and we can meet folks at the town dock at 8:45.

Our first rental group comes in on Wednesday, June 8th! Yes, this is early, but with you’re help we’ll be ready. There’s lots to do, as always.

  • Spring cleaning – all the buildings!
  • Clean up outside – lots of branches down from the storms
  • Mowing, raking, and planting flowers
  • Move docks – both current ones to be set and old ones take to town to be disassembled.


If you want to be part of the hardworking fun, please contact us:

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!

Thanks so much!!