Legal Notice

Notice From the Board of St. William’s on Long Point, Inc.


St William’s on Long Point, Inc., a not for profit, tax-exempt company, hired two individuals in 2018 to be the caretakers of its physical grounds for the 2018 summer. (Ron and Alex Windsor.) They asked to perform the same duties as a management company in 2019, calling the company “The Windsor Management Group,” and gave an address in Connecticut for the company which they presented as part of the New England Construction Company.

In 2019, Ron and Alex took actions in the name of St. Williams, which were never authorized by the Board. They also made untrue statements about the Board and particular board members in public arenas. Their accusations were baseless. Although the Diocese of Ogdensburg has no involvement or jurisdiction over the operation of St. Williams. Based upon the unfounded allegations made by the Windsors, the Franciscan Friars asked Brother Ed to resign from the Board to highlight that the Diocese and the Franciscans were not part of the day to day operations of St. Wiliams.

This summer, It came to the attention of the Board that Ron and Alex (the Windsor Management Group) refused to deposit the income from the rentals and donations that had come in during the summer into a Board authorized company account. The money was supposed to go into the organization’s checking account as directed. When asked to account for the funds, Ron and Alex refused to provide an accounting for the same. The Board terminated their services in August of 2019. On further investigation, it was discovered that Ron and Alex had misrepresented their true identities to the Board and the general public. Additionally, it has been discovered that bank accounts in two other states have been opened in the name of St. Williams by a person using a fictitious name using St. Williams Federal tax ID number without the Board’s knowledge or consent.

Please take notice of the following:

  • Only the Board of Directors of St William’s on Long Point, Inc has authority and responsibility for the business of the organization and its property. No other individuals or groups have the responsibility or authority to oversee St. William’s operations.

  • There are no pending lawsuits, and any claims to the contrary are baseless.

  • Neither Ron and Alex Windsor nor the Windsor Group represents St William’s on Long Point, Inc.


If you are contacted by them or anyone using or in the name of St. Williams for any reason, including requesting donations, please report such contact to: 

  • the Hamilton County Sheriff ( (518) 548-3113)

  • the Hamilton County District Attorney ( (518) 648-5113)

  • a Board member.


St. Williams is currently pursuing all legal means to rectify this situation and recover unaccounted for funds and donations. 


We appreciate your understanding and your support.


The Board of Directors of St William’s on Long Point, Inc.
Box 71, Raquette Lake, New York
October 27, 2019